Aosta Valley
Actual weather

Highest point: 583m

Condition level: 1-3
Requirement level: 1-4

Season: June - Sept.
Terrain: Glacier, Alpine and Forest

Group size:
2 participants

Selected huts:
Resting during multi-day tours

International airport:
Aosta AOT

Climbing in the Aosta Valley

Welcome to Valle d’Aosta, an incomparable destination for nature, culture and mountain sports lovers! Valle d’Aosta is a region in the north-west of Italy surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Alps. Whether you are an experienced climber or a beginner, there is an adventure for everyone in Valle d’Aosta. Mont Blanc, one of the highest mountains in Europe, is easily accessible from here. But the Gran Paradiso and the Matterhorn also offer spectacular challenges for mountaineers. But the Aosta Valley is not only for mountaineers and climbers. Here you can also explore numerous hiking trails and enjoy the untouched nature – the Aosta Valley has something to offer for everyone.

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Green valleys, white peaks

The Valle d’Aosta borders on France (Dép. Haute Savoie) and Switzerland (Canton Valais). In the east, it is bordered by Piedmont, Italy. The area of the autonomous region is about 3260 km2 and it is inhabited by about 127,000 people, which makes it the smallest region in Italy. Aosta is the capital of the Aosta Valley. The official language is both Italian and French.
Initially inhabited by the Celts, the region was conquered by the Romans in 25 BC. The Romans founded the original Aosta. Over the years, the place was increasingly taken over by Burgundians, Franks and Ostrogoths. From the 11th century until 1946, the Aosta Valley belonged to the House of Savoy. Due to a special statute of 1948, the Aosta Valley became an autonomous region and is certainly one of the most prosperous regions in Italy.

Cheese and wine
Another important economic sector is agriculture. The cheese Fontina, which is registered as a protected trademark, comes from the region. Viticulture has also established itself over the years and renowned wineries such as Cave Mont Blanc and Les Cretes produce excellent wines.

Holidays for active people with periods of relaxation
In summer, the Aosta Valley is still considered a travel secret. Its mild climate makes it a great place for active holidays. You can wonderfully combine the simplicity and originality of the valley with activities such as hiking, climbing and mountain biking. In the evening, you can end the day with a good wine from Piedmont or the regional cuisine. Especially the combination of the white peaks of the Monte Rosa mountains with the green valleys make this destination a unique holiday. Green valleys, clear mountain lakes and steep cliffs are the hallmark of the Aosta Valley in summer.

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A new destination with a powder guarantee. Whether winter snow or spring-firn: This spot is hot! On every heliskiing day, a glacier and snow paradise awaits us around the four-thousand-meter peak. We use the descents at Grand Combin on the italian side. Diverse descents with different expositions and a breathtaking view are guaranteed on this trip!
thanks to weather influences from the north, west and south, we can expect heavy snowfall during the winter. From February to mid-March we can find the best powder snow conditions and, thanks to the exposition, the fresh snow will stay for several days. At high altitude it is possible to ski until mid-May; with the complicity of snow and sunshine, from mid-March, snow quickly turns into a paradise for the lovers of "firn". Our Team is always up to date about weather forecast, snow conditions and avalanche risk thanks to the regular support and exchange with the local Snow and Avalanche Center.
Rental skithanks to our partner VÖLKL, we offer our clients the rental of VÖLKL ski to be best equipped and enjoy the heliski days. Our rental model is the BMT 122, available in two lengths: • 176cm • 186cm The special rental price for Heli Guides clients is € 25.00 per day. To benefit from this offer, please notify us when booking your Heli Guides Heliski package!

Imposing peaks, icy glaciers and lots of action await heliski lovers in the idyllic Aosta Valley. Dive with us into the breathtaking powder world! Our exclusive VIP package offers access to

Excellent and easy-going guides. It is a pleasure to spend time with them in the mountains..
Luigi Distefano (ITA)
Fantastic weekend in a beautiful place! Poldo's professionalism as a guide made all the difference. Absolutely repeatable experience!!!
Riccardo Bacialli (ITA)
A really professional operation with super friendly staff and knowledgeable guides.
Perttu Monthan (ESP)
Perfect experience and, besides the obvious contribution of the place and the excellent climatic situation, a great credit to the Poldo guide! Thank you so much!
Luigi Tomay (ITA)
Deep snow skiing like I have rarely experienced.
Hans G. (GER)
Great guides who not only know the area but think about what you want and give you the best it has to offer.
Nigel Winters (ENG)
Wonderful trip to the Vincent Pyramid, organised in great detail by Giulia from the Monterosa guide office. Nice group and congratulations to the guide, Stefano Boy, very good, experienced, professional and helpful. Definitely an experience I will repeat next summer.
Federica Candido (ITA)
Fantastic experience thanks to the professionalism of Giulia, who patiently provided us with all the information we needed for our climb to the Vincent Pyramid. Poldo, our guide, played his role perfectly and made our first experience above 4000 metres unforgettable.
Miryam Borsato (ITA)
With them we went to Capanna Margherita, very professional and efficient. I recommend them for trips of this type!
Davide Calabresi (ITA)
What can I say, my friend and I had a very good time with our guide Luigi. Young, capable, nice and very adaptable.
Lorenzo D'Amelio (ITA)
We had a great one-day ski tour with Daniele the day before the lockdown. Our group had different fitness and ability levels, but Daniele took good care of everyone. We will be back next year!
Jackie C. (EN)

Imposing peaks, icy glaciers and lots of action await heliski lovers in the idyllic Aosta Valley. Dive with us into the breathtaking powder world! Our exclusive VIP package offers access to