Heliskiing in Italy

Heliskiing Italy – Italy offers by far the most interesting potential for heliskiing options and spots in the Alps. Heliskiing in the Alps – Guidemonterosa S.R.L. and Heli-Guides Group have been present in the best heliskiing spots in Italy and in the Alps for decades and offer first-hand service in many destinations. Our offerings extend from the west to Courmayeur on Piedmont with Val Formazza to Lombardy with Madesimo and Livigno to the east. Over the decades, the Heli-Guides group has been the only one present in nine destinations in Italy and offers the widest variety of programs in the Alps.

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Heliski Spots

Italy & Alps

Heliskiing Italy – here are the best spots: heliskiing in Valle d’Aosta, heliskiing in Piedmont and heliskiing in Lombardy offer an unparalleled variety of heliskiing options. Many of our customers compare our spots with those in Canada and are always surprised by what the Alps have to offer and especially in Italy. No jet lag, differences in altitude up to 2400 m, descents for all levels of skiing, the most beautiful Alpine landscapes of the Alps and of course lots of powder. Let us show you the most beautiful regions of heliski in the Alps.

Heliskiing Italy programs and destinations

Heliskiing Courmayeur

Program & Info

Heliskiing in Courmayeur means heliskiing in the immediate vicinity of the highest mountain in the Alps, the Mont Blanc. Courses surrounded by glittering ice, open slopes, all aspects, slopes and descents up to 1600 meters offer everything you need for perfect heliskiing days. In Courmayeur, we offer daily programs from 390.00 Euros, like our first heliski day or our heliski days with 2 and 5 flights. Our multi-day programs in the area are our heliski weekend with 3 days of skiing, heliski week with 6 days of skiing and of course our epic heliskiing week directly on the Mont Blanc.

La Thuile
Heliskiing La Thuile

Program & Info

La Thuile, located on Petit St. Bernard, offers unique and rich heliskiing options. The Ruitor, at 3480m, can be reach from Valgrisenche and the landing ground of Lechaux at more than 3000m is on the border of Courmayeur on the Mont Blanc massif, which prepares a particular backdrop. A day in helicopter with 2 and 5 flights, heliski weekend and also heliski weeks leave no wish unfulfilled.

Heliskiing Livigno

Program & Info

Livigno, the duty-free zone near St. Moritz, has become a very popular heliskiing area due to its proximity to Innsbruck and Munich. The multitude of heliskiing options, landing sites and slopes – from 180 euros per person – certainly has a big part in the success of Livigno and offers our guests everything necessary for a perfect heliski day. The mountain region of Bernina offers a unique panorama of the mountains. Heliski days with 2 or 5 flights, 8 or 15-flight heliski weekends, and our heliski epic weeks with up to 25 flights are just a few of the many heliskiing programs in Livigno.

Heliski Madesimo

Program & Info

Madesimo, located on the Italian-Swiss border in Lombardy, is the least known heliski area. The star-shaped heliskiing options around Madesimo are diverse and offer an almost unlimited choice of runs. The region is known for the heavy snowfall that turns the area into a powder paradise. Day trips to St. Moritz are perfect because the first pick-up is only 40 minutes away by car. Madesimo, the new heliskiing paradise in Lombardy. Our program goes from heliski day with 3 or 5 flights to the weekend heliskiing with 10 or 15 flights until our epic heliski weeks with up to 25 flights. Look forward to unforgettable days of heliskiing in Madesimo.

Heliskiing Valgrisenche

Program & Info

Heliskiing in Valgrisenche – certainly one of the oldest heliskiing regions in Italy and known for its potential. Skiing and snowboarding in a fantastic terrain, a beautiful high mountain landscape and endless powder that give the region its special charm. Already in the 80s and 90s, the region was known for its heliskiing possibilities and was crowded. Heliski day with one, three or six flights, heliski weekends with 3 or 4 days of skiing and heliski weeks with up to 24 flights leaving no dream of heliskiing unfulfilled.

Val Formazza
Heliskiing Val Formazza

Program & Info

Val Formazza the little heliski jewel in the Alps. Located in the far north of Piedmont, Italy, guests often talk about it as the small Canada in the Alps. A maximum of 4-5 groups a day and isolation give this place an exclusive character and a very relaxed atmosphere. Heliskiing in Val Formazza means countless opportunities for descents in all aspects and plenty of powder. The variety of programs ranges from a one-day program with 5 runs / flights to 4-day heliskiing trips to epic heliski weeks with up to 35 runs / flights.

Heliskiing Val Malenco

Program & Info

Val Malenco, located at the southern foot of Bernina, is known for its heliskiing options and wide variety. Around Chiesa Val Malenco are the heliski areas that offer skiers and snowboarders descents in all the aspects. Thanks to neighbouring Val Masino, the potential for heliskiing can be increased. Look forward to unforgettable powder days at the foot of the Bernina with one of our heliskiing programs in the area. We propose heliski days with 3 or 5 flights and weekends with 10 or 20 flights.

Val Malenco