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The first freeriders recognized the great freeride potential of the region around Gressoney and Monte Rosa. Nevertheless, the region has been spared by the big waves of freeriders and still offers powder slopes intact after days without snow. Bright blue glaciers, open slopes, steep corridors, larch forests and incomparable sunset on Monte Rosa are the charm of this region.

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Unsure if your skiing skills are enough for deep snow? Do you already have freeride experience and want some powder-fun? We advise you by phone or e-mail regarding the possibilities. We individually adjust our programs to your skiing level.

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Gressoney, on the south side of Monte Rosa, is still the end of the (ski) world for many freeriders. But even after the first visit, the region has an addictive potential and the freerider rests its spell. An entire book has been written by Andrea Gallo on the countless variations of descents, the unique nature and the high alpine region of Monte Rosa “Polvere Rosa” and includes the potential for a lifetime of skiing.

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A freeride day in Gressoney, Champoluc or Alagna, the Monte Rosa region offers the perfect terrain for all skiers and all levels. Salsa, Betollina or Malfatta are just the beginning of a whole series of first class descents that make the heart of every freerider beat. Let our guides show you the best slopes and places of Monte Rosa.



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