Biking on the south side

of the Monte Rosa

Mountain biking in the Aosta Valley, specifically at Monte Rosa, is still considered a good idea, even if still little known. Here, the possibilities of trials and bike parks are almost unexplored. The area around the south side near the Castor, Lyskamm and Vincentpiramid mountains offers excellent conditions. There are 3 bike parks in the area. The Gressoney lifts facilitate access to the high passages. Easy excursions in the Gressoney Valley are ideal for cyclists or families. The weather, with the mild climate of the region, is suitable for long excursions. For the freerider who wants to climb the sharp rock and the steep slopes of the most beautiful corridors, we also have many trails and circuits in our program.

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As trained bike guides, we are familiar with the region and the requirements for mountain biking at Monte Rosa. Our guides will give you a glimpse of the beauty of the landscape. They know the best trails and passages.

Mountain bike Monte Rosa region:


Sun on the peaks, always a “4000” in sight and the lush green landscape that joins the brown-gray rocks. The Aosta Valley, especially a trip to the Gressoney Valley on Monte Rosa, offers every mountain biker an unforgettable alpine experience. Around Gressoney and Champoluc, there are many trails with coniferous forest passages and sharp rocks. We pass cliffs, screes and mountain rivers that take their source in the glacier and end in the valley. The view of the white peaks of the Monte Rosa region is a delight.

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Monte Rosa and Aosta Valley

Thanks to the lifts of Monte Rosa at Alagna Valsesia / Gressoney-La-Trinité / Champoluc / Frachey or Gressoney-Saint-Jean-Weissmatten, we can quickly and often easily reach many beautiful and spectacular trails. Other tracks allow us to discover a fascinating landscape while crossing the valley.



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