Guidemonterosa S.R.L

About the Team

Guidemonterosa was founded in 1995 and is today the main mountain guide office in Gressoney. Our passion and enthusiasm for the mountains inspires us every day. We represent experience, professional competence in all alpine programs. The Monte Rosa massif is our home and at the same time the most imposing mountain range higher than 4500m in the Alps with 13 peaks higher than 4000m. Links to the region and local knowledge at all altitudes are obvious to us. These advantages allow us to carry out a varied program of various activities throughout the year in the Aosta Valley and throughout the Alpine region.

Over 20 years of experience


Marco Appino is an IVBV mountain guide and is still working in the management of Guidemonterosa for many years. From the year 2016 he was the first head guide and head of our base in Courmayeur. In 2019 he changed the position into the management of Guidemonterosa S.R.L and is also the technical leader in the whole group.

Marco Appino


Carla is in charge of ensuring that everything in Courmayeur, as in the other destinations, runs smoothly and orderly, even when crazy powder days meet the absolute high season! She makes sure that all local processes work. She ensures that all customers are helped and that everything works perfectly, from the first email contact to the heli-skiing experience. She has a real talent for languages and speaks perfect German, English, Italian and French!



Daniela is responsible for our Office Management in Courmayeur. Apart from Italian, she speaks fluently English and French. She takes care of all local processes in Courmayeur. Whether it is daily business or week trips - she is responsible for the complete organisation.

Daniela Marrazzo


Poldo is Co-Founder of Guidemonterosa S.R.L. and IFMGA Mountain Guide. He contributes many years of experience and is currently leading our destinations Gressoney.

Paolo Aghemo

Head Guide Gressoney

Rudi is Head of the Mountain Guides Instructors in the Aosta Valley. He is Co-Founder of Guidemonterosa S.R.L. and provides years of experience as Head Guide in various destinations like Courmayeur and Formazza. Since 2017 he is Head Guide in Valgrisenche!

Rudi Janin

Head Guide Valgrisenche

Marco Zaninetti, proved IFMGA Mountain Guide. Shareholder of the Guidemonterosa S.R.L. for many years. You can meet him most of the time in Val Formazza, where he works in the organisation management and as a Mountain Guide.

Marco Zaninetti

Head Guide Val Formazza

Although our youngster in the Management Team, Alberto is already working for Heli-Guides AG and Guidemonterosa S.R.L. since many years now. He became a shareholder of Guidemonterosa S.R.L. The majority of the time you can meet him as Head Guide in Livigno and Val Malenco.

Alberto Trombetta

Head Guide Lombardia

Francesco, or better known by his nickname “Cispa” is an IFMGA certified mountain guide. He is our Head Guide at our main base in Courmayeur.

Francesco Civra Dano

Head Guide Courmayeur

Sandro Cortinovis is co-founder of Guidemonterosa S.R.L. and IFMGA certified mountain guide. He worked for Guidemonterosa's management team for many years. Sandro is a shareholder of Guidemonterosa S.R.L.

Sandro Cortinovis


Carlo is Founder of Guidemonterosa S.R.L. and Co-Founder of SKY AVIATION S.R.L. He is IFMGA certified Mountain Guide and since 2013 Helicopter Pilot. Although his focus lays nowadays in the SKY AVIATION, you can still catch him with guests when he is out for heliskiing.

Carlo Cugnetto


Balbo Stefano, Benato Andrea, Caldarera Alessandro, Camangi Federico, Civradano Francesco, Corrado Lusi, Dalla Gasparina Stefano, Dininni Riccardo , Ferrari Tazio, Mezzavilla Alessandro, Galli Matteo, Ghiglia Marco, Ogliengo Mario, Pozzi Claudio, Giorgio Sacco, Semmel Chris, Spini Davide, Porta Simone, Tamborini Massimo, Tombini Paolo, Van Duin Pascal, Marco Zaninetti, Valgoi Francesco and a lot more.

Mountain guide team


At this point we remember our friend and co-founder Frank Henssler, who lost his life in a tragic accident. The mountains and the powder were and will always be a home for him.

In Memory of Frank Henssler